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About Oprewards

Proudly Supporting Gamers & noobs Across World.

As Mentioned before , Oprewards was create by gamers , most of the stuff are avid gamers  but we have some lEAGUE OF LEGENDs players & Minecraft as well . which goes to prove that oprewards is home to gamers from all kind of games & also all across the world .

About 3 years ago Oprewards came out to light , after it has been in its beta stage for more than 4 months . 

it barely took us 5 months to dominate the scene and become on the of the most trusted and used GPT website that is mainly for gamers .

haters gonna hate , but oprewards is here to stay . and to support & back up all gamers where they are , even if you a noob robloc player , even if (youre a bronze 5 player . no one cares about that .

Oprewards care about you & only you our dear members .

If you have any questions , feel free to use our contact form here